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Board Of Naturopathy Yoga & Alternate Medicine India
बोर्ड ऑफ नेचुरोपैथी योग एंड ऑल्टरनेट मेडिसिन इंडिया

بورڈ آف نیچریوپیڈیا یوگا اور ایلٹینیٹ میڈیسن بھارت
भारत सरकार एंव पंजाब सरकार द्वारा मान्यता
Promoted & Managed by Board Of Naturopathy Yoga & Alternate Medicine India

Course and Fee Details

  • Associate Society Certificate of trust.
  • Society trust constitution certificate copy.
  • Management College/School copy.
  • School/College to Attested to copy proposal.
  • School/College Building Certified Map.
  • School/College Building Photo Graph
  • School/College Bank Draft Rs.2000/- (Survey Fee) Pay at Ucchater Madhymik Siksha Mandal (Delhi)
  • School/College Staff List.
  • School/College Two Passport Size Photo, ID Proof and Supperdents.
  • Manager/ Supperdent Notary Stamp Rs.100/-.
  • School/College the Accurated Recognized Fee Rs.25,000/- in name of UCCHATER MADHYMIK SIKSHA MANDAL DELHI. after 15 day College will be declared.
  • 1. Principal Office (1) 2. Staff Room (1) 3. Library Room (1) 4. Class Room (2) 5. Science Lab (1)